What is novabuilder?

novabuilder is a turnkey electronic postcard system that online marketers can use to add the power of viral marketing to their website. The system is provided through an Application Service Provider (ASP) model which is easily customized to meet the needs of each client. As an ASP, the marketer simply rents the functionality from us. We host and maintain all hardware and software. By adding the customizable eCard functionality to your website you can enable word-of-mouth marketing that allows your visitors to bring others to your site.

Why use novabuilder?

Word-of-mouth advertising is an extremely powerful marketing tool. eCards leverage this power when visitors to your website send eCards to their friends. Since the eCard comes directly from a trusted source via email there is a high probability that the recipient will view the card. eCards are easy, cheap and fast.

Is it easy to use?

Yes. There is nothing to install since we host the hardware and software. Customization of your system can take as little as an hour. We use branding elements (logos, links, etc.) and artwork that you supply to populate your choice of templates. More than easy to use, it is fun to use. It encourages visitor participation and promotes itself.

novabuilder - an electronic postcard system...

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